Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wedding Lunch of Ah Lye & Isis

I was invited to my friend's wedding lunch at the Marriott Hotel Singapore. It wasn't my first wedding lunch therefore not too much of a suprise or culture shock for me. We had 2 tables of our colleagues that knew Ah Lye.

A great mate, very dedicated and helpful - he deserves a special mention for the projects that he worked together with me (MANY THANKS !) and a big joker (for regularly making fun of me), besides that, my opposing rugby union team supporter (he supports All Blacks, I support Wallabies). A awesome supper & kopi kaki with passion for cars.

Some photographs taken at the wedding lunch (thanks to Taijia & Jenny for helping to take the photographs).

Our table photos

The other table

Best Wishes and Heartiest Congrats to Ah Lye & Isis on your marriage !