Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Project with Espoir Bridal


If you recall, I wrote about my adventures at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 and Sun set in the East ??

Now, it's time to present to all readers here, my project with Espoir Bridal, a passionate photography and videography company led by the extremely passionate and talented Dave Koh. I was invited by Dave to help him in this mega photography project for a pre-wedding shoot. 4 locations, 3 photographers, 3 cars and with a total crew of 9 people.

It was a great honour to be part of this special photoshoot and I am now assisting Espoir Bridal in my capacity as a consultant, marketing and 2nd photographer. Please do drop by into Dave's Blog on Espoir Bridal and have a read about our wonderful and fun time during the entire photoshoot.

If anyone of you is keen to explore photography and videography projects (wedding, events, advertorials) with Espoir Bridal, please do not hesitate to contact Dave, especially if you are like the idea of 3 photographers combo portfolio photoshoot.

The portfolio of this particular photoshoot would be uploaded appropriately when the permission and clearance is given by the couple. However, I am releasing a few photographs of our crew in action.

Sit back relax and enjoy the photos !

Monday, November 26, 2007

Grandmother's Birthday Celebrations Dinner

My (maternal) grandmother celebrated her birthday celebrations today on the 25th November and there was a big family gathering consisting of 4 generations coming down together for a porridge buffet at Quality Hotel. It was really fun to meet my cousins and great to chit chat again, and also catching up with my uncles and aunties.

The cousins and nieces sat at different tables, thus allowing my uncles and aunties to be with Grandmother. She's getting old in age and this was something that we could all do for her, after eating the dinner, most of us were walking around, taking photos, chatting away, playing with the young nieces.

Due to the size of the extended family network and none of us bringing a tripod, we had to split into 2 generations taking group photographs before taking family photographs. With my experience in events and wedding photography, it wasn't too difficult for me and I also helped with my cousins and uncles digital cameras too !

Happy Birthday Grandma !

Monday, November 19, 2007

Running with Nike+ Charity Run 2007

In the past two years, I have ran a lot more compared to my younger and youthful days in my secondary, army and university days (I was playing mainly team sports such as football, rugby league and basketball)

My bigger runs mileage currently stands as:
  • 2005
    • New Balance Real Run 10km
  • 2006
    • New Balance Real Run 10km
    • Army Half Marathon 21km
    • Standard Chartered Marathon 42km
  • 2007
    • PA Passion Run 10km
    • Mizuno Wave Run 10km
    • Army Half Marathon 21km
    • New Balance Real Run 15km
Recently, Nike Singapore has launched a charity run and it doesn't require you to come together on a day, date and time for the run. It operates differently, all you have to do is put on a pair of running shoes, plug in your Nike Plus Sports Kit, “clock” your distance online, and for every 1KM run, Nike will donate $5 worth of products to underprivileged children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

On the right column, do click on the interesting, flashy, striking and colourful advertorial by Nike and visit Nike+ Charity Run 2007. Let's all do our part for charity by running and the Nike Plus Sports Kit is really cool and I was planning to get it for my long distance running !

It's time for my Standard Chartered Marathon 2007 on 2nd December 2007. Counting down to another marathon !!!

Running a marathon is a pilgrimage for me because it reflects the journey that I undertake as a entrepreneur, lots of heartbreaking pain and many extreme difficulties, lack of support and belief from friends and relatives etc etc .......

However, when I crossed the finishing line, the joy of completion cannot be easily written in simple or powerful words and phrases. While I taste my fruits of successful completion of a marathon (or life journey as a entrepreneur), I know that I am ready to start my next life marathon, more prepared and improved changes in my life.

Happy running folks !

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sun set in the East ??


As you all recalled in my earlier posting, we were on a location shoot at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 Open House in the afternoon. We had a rest before heading to Changi Boardwalk and Beach area to do another location shoot, with the sunset view from the eastern point of Singapore.

With regards to the nature and details of the photo shoot, do stay tune and keep a lookout .....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Changi Airport Terminal 3

In the past few months, the travel and tourism industry was buzzing with the Super Jumbo Airbus 380, flying into Singapore with a huge fanfare from the international media and global citizens. However, when the Airbus 380 touched down in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, most of the attention, glamour and publicity was on the big fellow 380 !

After the media blitz, Changi Airport Terminal 3 opened up its doors to allow visitors inside the newly almost completed (under going some final touch up and renovations) Terminal 3 for an Open House from 12th November to 9th December 2007.

I was there with a group of friends on 14th November, we had lots of fun although we were on a project. As for the details of the project, I would write up about the nature and details of this project once the formalities are settled.

Meanwhile, do take a look at our world famous Singapore Changi Airport latest addition , our Terminal 3.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Race Queens of Super Import Nights

You had heard of them, you had been there to support them and it's part of the reasons you visit Super Import Nights, to give yourself an opportunity to take photographs of the beautiful race queens.

During Super Import Nights 2007, this carnival was blessed with local and overseas models, all beautiful and elegant. It was really great fun taking photos of them posing with the sports cars. I would like to highlight their invaluable contributions to the carnival and the lovely race queens deserve a big round of applause for their beautiful and sweet smiles that leaves a huge impression in me.

I was there on the 3rd day and it was a huge challenge to take the photographs of the overseas models because I was beaten by other fellow photographers to the frontline. Therefore, I wasn't able to capture many photographs of them.

Thank you to all the models who graced the Super Import Nights !

p/s: I would upload selected photos of the Race Queens into my flickr in due time.... do keep a lookout !

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Super Import Nights Chapter 2 - Day & Night Drifting

The art of car drifting is something special, that requires a high technical and driving skills level and the car you are drifting should be properly tuned and maintained. It's an art and showmanship as well, sports cars love to appreciate this form of talent and driving art, along with other driving such as high speed racing (e.g. F1), drag racing or WRC rally driving.

Super Import Nights carnival showcased our local drifters in action, in the day and night. Nissan S13 & S14 are the famous sports cars used by drifters worldwide, as shown in the drifting display here in Super Import Nights. There were also other sports cars as well and it was an exciting time to watch them show the high levels of technical driving.

Drifting should be learned and driven properly and we drivers must learn to conduct ourselves properly without jepardising our life and other people life. As much we dream to become Fujiwara Takumi of Initial D, we need to take it one step at a time.

Hope you folks enjoy the drifting !

Monday, November 12, 2007

Super Import Nights Chapter 1 - Sports Cars , Autostyling and modifications


Owning a car in Singapore can be very expensive, not to mention our additional costs to running and maintaining a car. When I was studying in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, I saw how much they were able to put into their cars in the areas of modifications and styling because the purchase of a car is not expensive.

While I was at the Super Import Nights, I was amazed at how some of the car owners in Singapore had invested into their beloved cars. Some of them chose to do performance modifications especially with sports cars, while others chose styling and their cars were given a great new look ! There were also some cars who were a hybrid of both styles and it was truly fun for me to walk around and admire their artwork.

Being a sports car fanatic, I was always looking inside many different WRX and EVO engines, analysing how their engines are modified and what are the different accessories fitted inside. The new Mitsubishi Evolution X was on display at the carnival and it looked different from the past few Evolution generations.

Let's take time to enjoy the cars on display here !

Sunday, November 11, 2007

HOT Octane Action - Super Import Nights 2007


You have seen my earlier posting on the Super Import Nights Roadshow and now, I am sharing with you on my fun and adventures at the Singapore Expo for this wonderful sports cars, accessories, racing and beautiful models event.

This is not your usual motorshow whereby new family sedans or MPV or SUV etc etc are launched or marketed. If you are into modified sports cars, autostyling, racing and high octane action and not forgetting the beautiful ladies gracing the occasion, such specialised motorshows are the types for you.

Although the exhibition space wasn't that big, it packed many different companies displaying their new sports cars e.g. Mitsubishi Evolution X, accessories and tuning processes. On top of that, there were overseas race queens along with our local race queens, giving this carnival fun and joy. There were also drifting cars display by our Singapore sports cars and they gave everybody there a wonderful technical skillful display of precision driving, techniques and high octane action + burning rubber tyres + smoke.

Over the next few posts, I would share with you folks coming into my blog on my adventures at Super Import Nights on 10th November, it would be something like this:

(1) Sports cars, Engines and Autostyling
(2) Drifting
(3) Race Queens

Meanwhile, hope you folks enjoy the initial selected set of photos here !

Thursday, November 08, 2007

1st Sports Photography Collection - 60th SCC Rugby 7s

Dear folks,

I have finally uploaded my 60th SCC Rugby 7s photos into my Flickr, in addition to the simple sports photojournalist reporting in my earlier posts.

60th SCC Rugby 7s (Day 1) Photoset on Flickr

Do drop by my previous postings to read up on my non-professional rugby 7s coverage reporting:

SCC Rugby 7s Action - Episode 2

60th SCC International Rugby 7s

p/s: FYI, I had submitted 1 of my photos for the ACTION category competition. I would update if there is any news.

Monday, November 05, 2007

MPT Sprint / SuperSprint 2007 - 4th November 2007

Today, beside the grounds of our National Stadium (our Grand Old Lady) Car Park F, it was a hot day but it did not deter us away from watching the beauty of tyres burning and fast cars. This event was called MPT Sprint / SuperSprint 2007, organised by MPT Motor Trading.

I was watching fast cars sprinting across the car park, pushing and testing themselves the limits and speed of their sports cars. Many different sports cars, WRX, EVO, EG6 etc etc were there to be part of this carnival. Due to safety concerns, we were standing a set of carpark lots behind. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed watching the sports cars going for their runs.

There were other competitions ongoing as well during the carnival. Autostyling display by proud car owners, ultimate sound challenge and race queen competition ! Some selected photos from this event....

Looking foward to be a 2 Fast 2 Furious .....

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Evening @ West Coast Park

It was a wednesday evening, around 5pm, I decided to grab my DSLR and my "Book of the Moment" and walked to West Coast Park.

I always had been going there in the night and had not returned back there to enjoy the sunset sceneries (along with the harbour and shipyards) for sometime already. While I walked around the park and relaxing my mind and soul, I snapped different photos from around the park.

Thereafter, I went towards the Promenade and sat down, enjoying the sunset while reading my book. It was really peaceful and I am slowly programmed by the wisdom of the mighty book while busking myself in the evening sun.

Do check out my flickr for more photos of West Coast Park !