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Change of URL

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For all the lovely couples planning for their Wedding out there,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Metamorphosis !

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Singapore Motorshow 2008

The Singapore Motorshow 2008 was a much smaller event than the previous Motorshow 2 years ago.... Probably in the year 2008, many car brands could be concentrating on the first Formula One Night Race in Singapore and with the current financial and economical climate, that could be a shortage of funds available for events such as the Singapore Motorshow.

I went down on the saturday night, walked around and enjoyed the different car brands on display. It was a a lot smaller, hopefully, it would still be coming back in 2 years time, when the economy would be better by then (hopefully).

Just to share my photos here with all my readers ...... not as many as previous years ...... Hope you all enjoy them !! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I got Nico Rosberg Autographs !!!

The Singapore F1 GP was over, however, there were still some post activities happening around Singapore.

I was informed by my friend that Nico Rosberg, our Formula One First Night Race, 2nd Place Winner would be at Besk Denki at Ngee Ann City for an autograph signing session ! Since he had placed himself in Singapore's F1 history, I wanted to get his autograph !!!!

Getting quickly into action, I searched my Friday Practice photos and found a decent photo of Nico Rosberg Williams F1 car in action ! I immediately did a bit of post processing and printed out into postcards for Nico Rosberg to sign !

Thanks to my old friend, I managed to get 4 autographs, kept 1 for myself and gave 3 away. 

Would be sharing on the challenges of F1 night photography soon !

Saturday, September 27, 2008

300th Post : Reporting on Singapore F1 GP - Friday Night Practice

Before I started writing on the Singapore F1 GP Friday Night Practice, I would like to thank all my readers and supporters first. This is my 300th post !

Back to Friday 26th September 2008, the 1st day of the Singapore F1 GP event, a great carnival that I was looking foward to. Met Jack and walked towards the Marina Square Shopping Centre via Suntec City and entered from Gate 7, around 3pm. Everything was wonderful, even at that time, there were already a good crowd starting to stroll inside. 

There were support races to grace the Singapore F1 GP event, by Formula BMW, Porsche and Aston Martin in the afternoon from 3pm to 6pm, and the crowds were given some great practice driving sessions and how potentially loud the sound of the powerful engines would be. The weather on Friday was good, sunny and humid without the rain and thunderstorms. 

Met Michelle, fellow UQAAS Committee member, walked around the various locations of the race circuit. From the One Fullerton at Turn 13, we walked towards opposite Victoria Concert Hall at Turn 11, had to walk a longer distance due to diversion. Along the way, did a bit of shopping and sightseeing at the merchandise store, that's the F1 carnival for you !
After watching the support races, we walked back to the Padang and saw something Uniquely Singapore, tables and chairs on the road, with food stalls beside it. You don't get much opportunities to have such open air dining in Singapore anymore ! We sat down, bought our drinks and dinner, prices are a bit steep though, had a nice cold beer with compliments from Jack, chatted and shared about cars !

After dinner, we all proceed to our grandstand seats, Jack & mine at Marina Square. The F1 Practice session had begun ! The sounds and roars of the F1 engines were really deafening and we forgot our ear plugs. Due to the driving lines of the F1 cars, our seats views were blocked as the F1 cars were driving very close to the edge of the safety barrier in front of the Marina Square Grandstand, as they need to do a right angle 90 degrees at Turn 16, driving into Esplande Waterfront and Bay Grandstand.

After enjoying the deafening sounds, watching how the F1 cars were driving, I was convinced that the Singapore F1 GP circuit is fabulous ! The F1 drivers who had doubts initially, doesn't seem to show it as they were driving pretty good in a totally unknown circuit in night conditions ! 
After the 1st practice session, we decided to walk around the circuit again, revisiting the locations that we went earlier today in the afternoon and captured different views of the F1 cars in action. It was a very big test of my photography skills till date, night shooting conditions under ample lighting conditions, very fast flying F1 cars, wire fence barriers that makes it very difficult for photographers to shoot. 

Soon after, it was time to call it a day. The F1 cars went back for rest and analysis, while we made our way home to rest from a long day of fun and cars. 

Do check out some of my Friday Practice photos here

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My 299th Post is a Summarised Update

The last week till date had been very fun and hectic and roller coaster. This was the storyline

- Super Import Nights (pre-preparation and Day 1)

- University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore ~ Wine Symphony Function

- Super volatile financial markets turmoil and shocks, more time had to be allocated to this area and provide advisory to my clients during this last week

I had yet to write up my photojournalistic reports on the Super Import Nights and UQAAS Wine Symphony Event, only posted links to my Flickr site for selected photos from these 2 events. 

Other areas need to blog would be introducing The Wine Symphony and upcoming events !

Sorry for the slow reporting, meanwhile, check out my photos !

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photos from UQAAS Wine Symphony Event 19th Sep 2008

Check out my University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore Wine Symphony Event on the 19th September 2008 !

Hope you all enjoy viewing the photos and I would write on our wonderful networking event and The Wine Symphony in the next few days !

Friday, September 19, 2008

Photos From Super Import Nights 2008 !

Check out my Day 1 photos of Super Import Nights 2008 !

Hope you all enjoy it ! I would be blogging about them in the next few days !

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival @ Radin Mas Primary School

During these few days, there would going to be a number of Mid Autumn Festival celebrations happening around our different neighbourhoods.

On 12th September, Radin Mas Primary School and its neighbourhood Bukit Purmei and Telok Blangah Rise, had their Mid Autumn Festival Celebrations at their school compound, with a great carnival and the students setting up stalls for games and drinks.

The Radin Mas Cub Scouts were also involved and had 4 tables to set up their stalls, being the Big Brother Scouts, Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group, from the young to the Old Boys (a few of us), came down and helped them in the running of the drinks, food and games.

It was a fun time, they had their MP to grace this event and they had a big lantern there too ! We bought some food and drinks from the Cub Scouts too and they all had a fun time too !


The simpler things in life can be so much fun ........ like the young kids ;) 

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Top Photos Collection !

I had just done up my Top Photos Collection from my Flickr site

Do drop by and take a look !

Thank you folks for all your support !

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Blog is "Attacked" - Read from Firefox

In the morning of 9th September 2008, my blog here faced a situation that I haven't encountered for a long time. My blog was redirected to a lottery site after it finished loading.

Till now, it was a very frustrating, tiring day for me to work on finding out the roots of the problem and I haven't rectified it yet. Viewing from Safari and Internet Explorer had issues while Firefox now currently had no further issues.

I would like to sincerely apologise to my readers here if you were re-directed to another page and I am still trying to find the solution to it. Update you readers soon !

Monday, September 08, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival by the River - 6th September 2008

After my adventure at the NBA Madness that was held at Marina Square, had dinner with Ray and Vik before we all split up to do our own stuff.

For me, I had planned to visit Mid Autumn Festival by the River, whereby the lanterns and lights were on display beside The Central and opposite Clarke Quay, along the Singapore River. When I reached there, there were quite a crowd of people of all ages, both locals and tourists, soaking in the event.

The Mid Autumn Festival is a significant day in the Chinese Lunar Calender, with history and origins from folklore, myths and history. Wikipedia does an excellent job to summarise on The Mid Autumn Festival, do drop by their site to read on the different versions on the history of The Mid Autumn Festival

Another key component of this wonderful event is Mooncakes, whereby there were many different varieties and styles evolved over modernisation and they were getting more interesting, I am not the biggest fan of Mooncakes, however, if I had the opportunity, I would do a special blog post on the various mooncakes. 

Back to the festival, there were many different light ups along the river, 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, deities, myths and folklore, history. It was a great family festival and if you are touring Singapore, do drop by and take a look ! There was also an awesome performance by a Shanghai Martial Arts Performing Troupe, that I didn't manage to get information on, performing outside The Central shopping mall. When I was there, it was raining heavily and I couldn't manage to get a good location to take nice photos of their wonderful performances, in the midst of difficult conditions and non-ideal shooting location.

Do drop by my flickr site for more photos ! 

Oh, let's start counting down to the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month ! Bring out your lanterns and start lighting up the sky !

Sunday, September 07, 2008

NBA Madness 2008 Singapore - Marina Square

It was a normal internet surfing at the local photographers forum known as ClubSnap and I came across that NBA is coming to Singapore !

The event was known as NBA Madness 2008 and Singapore was one of its destinations, for NBA to showcase its sports to the other parts of the world. Actually, basketball here is very popular, nevertheless, it was a great tour and exhibition by NBA.

A great carnival, with games for the young and old, saw the NBA the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, slam dunk, dribbling and shooting competition, NBA stars coming down guest appearance. I went down for a few hours and only caught the Orlando Magic Dance Team performing, beautiful ladies that lights up the carnival and part of the slam dunk competition and the dribbling, passing and shooting competition. 

Didn't stay longer than I would usually do, went out for afternoon coffee with Ray and Vik after that. Do check out some of my other photos here ! Hope you folks enjoyed the NBA Madness 2008 too !

Oh yeah , I am a LA Lakers Fan ! Remember "Show Time" by Magic Johnson ? ;)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

For a Weekend Laugh!

That was a special blog post by my friend Raymond, who helped me with an awesome and hilarious marketing of my personal blog and flickr.

It all started with this photo.

Do drop by his special post and have a read ........ and have a great laugh !

Have a nice weekend !

Friday, September 05, 2008

My Latest Hi-Tech Toy !

This is a little bit late post on my latest high-tech toy from Apple .................

Presenting the Apple 3G iPhone -

Having lots of fun with it ! Love it to bits ! Do check out my personal review here on my personal blog !

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nike10k+ Human Race 2008 ~ 31.08.2008

On 31.08.2008, there was a worldwide event known as Nike+ Human Race 10k, coming together for a noble cause and healthy lifestyle. My philosophical thoughts could be found here at my personal blog.

My photo blog would be presenting to you memories and photos of the running event and carnival -

My Goodie Pack



Do check out my other photos of The Human Race here !

Were you at the Nike+ Human Race 10k  in other parts of the world ? Was it a fun run with a great carnival in your city ?

Let's all not forget the blessings given to the organisations supported by The Human Race !

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RSAF Open House 2008

The RSAF Open House 2008 was opened to the public from 30th August to 31st August 2008 and the visitors were treated to a great show of aerial display, fun games and carnival, informative display on the modern 3rd Generation Army and Airforce, and last but not least, the displays !

I reached there with my cousin aroudn 1+pm, the weather was good, sunny and bright, although with dark clouds looming in the sky. After clearing the security entrance, we were greeted by the "veterans" of the RSAF, the retired air warriors of the 1st and 2nd Generation. I forgot to take photos of them, I used to train in the UH-1H years ago !

Moving down, turning to the main ground, we were welcomed to the main showground ! Many different fighter jets, transport planes and ground military vehicles were on display. There were many people around especially families with children. They were very keen to sit inside the fighter jet to get a feel of it and were queuing up for it, so were the helicpoters, the Apache AH-64 and Super Puma. Other performances included the arming display for the different fighter jets, precision timing and teamwork.

Inside the hangers, it was turned into an exhibtion ground, showcasing the latest technology used in the RSAF and the history and development of the RSAF, brought back memories when I was a small kid looking at the fighter jets flying in the sky during major events such as NDP. There were also a great sense of pride when I saw how our RSAF had become a global citizen, helping countries around the world in humanitarian relief missions. We had grown a lot in the past 43 years !

The weather soon changed, strong rain and winds hit the RSAF Open House, luckily, we were resting in the stadium gallery, away from the rain. It was heavy and I was afraid that the aerial display would be cancelled. However, it stopped in time and the aerial display proceeded a little bit later instead of the usual stipulated timing.

The aerial display was an awesome performances consisting of

(1) Parachuters arriving from the sky
(2) Operational readiness by the figher jets squadorn
(3) Cooperation of armed forces and fighting machines (fighter jets, apaches, super puma, chinnok, charlie 130)
(4) Fighter Jets flypast

I had a great time photographing the aerial performance ! Although I was blocked by my fellow visitors, missed out some good photography taking opportunities.

Do check out my photos collection at Flickr !

Hope you all enjoyed my post and also enjoyed your trip down to the RSAF Open House 2008 !

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

F16 Black Knights at RSAF Open House 2008

For the aviation fans, this year 2008 was a great to take many different photos of airplanes. One of my memorable photography moments were taking our F16 Black Knights during this year's NDP 2008 rehearsals.

I was there at the RSAF Open House 2008 on 30th August 2008 and Black Knight 1 was on display ! It definitely attracted a huge crowd and many of the F16 Black Knights pilots and ground crew were there and they also had a booth to showcase their videos and the names of the performance patterns that they adopted.

Do you remember the HEART shape a.k.a. the LOVE produced by the F16 Black Knights during NDP 2008 ? It is called FLAMING HEART ! They had the performance patterns printed nicely on the boards,  do drop by my photo collection of the F16 Black Knights and see the names of their performance patterns !

Keep a lookout for my post on the RSAF Open House 2008 !

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Updates again !


In a few hours time, I would be participating in the Nike 10+ Human Race, a short run, worldwide event, something different this time. Looking foward to enjoy the run and post party and running and carnival atmosphere.

Do also look out on my upcoming posts on 

- RSAF Open House 2008
- Apple 3G iPhone photos
- Nike 10+ Human Race

See you folks later ! Have a nice weekend !

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Counting Down to Nike+10k Human Race on 31.08.2008

On 31.08.2008

A world running event, The Human Race 10k, with 1 million runners, 24 cities, for a noble cause.

See you folks there !

Monday, August 25, 2008

Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 ~ French Romance

The Singapore Fireworks Festival returned again in 2008, with the countries France and Korea performing.

I didn't manage to get my tickets in time and I had to make my way and squeeze with other people at the Esplanade. Due to my half marathon on Sunday 24th early morning, I only went to take the fireworks performance by France, called French Romance on 22nd August.

Reaching there rather early, I didn't realise that the fireworks would only start at 2130hrs and lasted about 15mins only. Well, I enjoyed my fireworks nevertheless, my humble fireworks photos are displayed below -

By using the same fireworks platform for National Day Parade 2008, the fireworks were a lot closer to the people at the Esplanade and it offers a different challenge and difficulty. However, if you are sitting on the Marina Bay Gallery, it would most probably be an excellent angle and perspective to capture the fireworks photos.

Hope you all enjoy the fireworks ! Do drop by my flickr for more photos !

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I ran across the Marina Barrage !

This morning, I just completed the Sheares Bridge Run and Army Half Marathon, it was a good run for me.

A very interesting part of the running route was running across the Marina Barrage. As I was a runner and did not bring my camera to take any photos, you can drop by their websites and take a look at their construction and development.

The Marina Barrage is almost complete and it is a very beautiful sight of the Marina Bay city skyline. When the Marina Bay area is fully developed in the near future, it will only get better.

I feel this region will be transform into a very vibrant area with excellent greenery and running tracks and last but not least, it might be another excellent location to capture fireworks at the Marina Bay.

Do keep a lookout, I would be writing on the Fireworks Festival French Romance soon.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Still waiting for 3G iPhone

Today, there would be people collecting their latest gadget, the Apple 3G iPhone.....

As for me, my earliest appointment date that I would be able to book would be on 28th August, mine got pushed behind, well ....... I have to bear with this for 1 more week ........

Oh, btw, fireworks festival tonight, didn't manage to get the tickets in time, planning to go Esplanade, squeeze with people and watch there and there is an alumni event tomorrow.

Share with you people when I upload it here !

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3G iPhone is coming to town !

The toy that I had been waiting for ............... is finally arriving on 22nd August with its pricing plans

Still waiting for the email to inform me of my password and I would be to log in and make the necessary appointment to collect it .......

To be updated ........

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Planning to Attend these Upcoming Events

It's an exciting and lively month, with many upcoming activities, events and festivals with great opportunities for photography ;)

They are as follows -

(1) Singapore Fireworks Festival 2008 ~ 22 & 23 August
- Didn't manage to purchase the tickets in time to get a seat on the gallery, planning to squeeze at the Esplanade to take photos of the fireworks festival on 22nd August.

(2) RSAF Open House 2008 ~ 30 & 31 August
- A great opportunity to take photographs of the aircraft and performance ! Planning to go on 30th August

(3) Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival Official Light Up and Opening Ceremony ~ 31 August
- For lantern lovers, with the opening ceremony, it is the time whereby you can get very near to the giant lanterns in the middle of the busy roads of Chinatown !

(4) COMEX ~ 28 to 31 August
- For IT fans and there are definitely photography opportunities !

That's all for now folks ! I would post them up here if I attend them and take photographs !

Stay tuned !!

Keep you people posted for September 2008 events, festivals and activties !

Friday, August 15, 2008

A DSG Photo Book Update


Do you recall my posts last time when I was involved in the Dragon Scout Group 85th Anniversary Celebrations in 2007 ?

To recap, do drop by here to learn more on the 85th Anniversary Campfire and Dinner.

I was also helping out partially in the 85th Anniversary Book and I am very proud and happy to see the launch of the Dragon Scout Group 85th Book, launched on 08 / 08 / 2008 !!!!!

Once I officially get hold of the 85th Book, I will broadcast it out !

Stay tuned !

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Special Photos Collection

A collection of photos of the F16 Black Knights during their NDP 2008 rehearsals and NDP 2008 flying performances !

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NDP 2008 - From the Esplanade Bridge Part 2

As the Marina Bay skyline turns dark, big birds of many beautiful different colours started sailing and flying to the Marina Bayfront, greeting the crowds around the Marina Bay area, celebrating our nation's 43rd Birthday.

Right now, it was a patient wait for the finale, that many of us waiting and watching the National Day Parade at the sides were waiting for. I prepared my DSLR for fireworks mode, setting up my standard operating routine to take fireworks, making adjustments to my tripod, angle of inclination and wide angle view of the skyline whereby the fireworks would be shown.

Soon, the moment of truth arrived. It was the start of a very beautiful series of fireworks, I always loved the opportunity to take fireworks whenever I had the chance and the NDP fireworks really gave the birthday celebrations a bright and happy finale ending !

However, the weather was not really kind to us on the Esplanade Bridge. The smoke didn't clear and it got stuck there in the sky, some of the fireworks were engulfed by the smoke and the letter "S" wasn't able to be seen from our point of view. I could only capture a glimpse of it, camouflaged by the thick smoke.

3 different sets of fireworks, bringing the 43rd National Day Parade Celebrations to a close. A fitting and beautiful end to a wonderful birthday celebrations. The poor weather would not dampen our moods.

Hope everybody enjoyed the NDP 2008 !

Monday, August 11, 2008

NDP 2008 - From the Esplanade Bridge Part 1

On the 9th August 2008, Singapore celebrated its 43rd birthday at the Marina BayFront.
With many rehearsals leading up to this grand finale, I had been following them over the saturdays, giving me a good time to take different photographs from different locations, angles, perspectives and understanding the flight and performance pattern of the F16 Black Knights.

I was there about 2 hours before the pre-parade segment, managed to find a spot on the Esplanade Bridge. The weather looked great on one end, however, the Eastern side was dark and cloudy. Initially, I thought, it would be fine, the weather would clear soon but it wasn't to be, soon dark rain clouds filled the skyline and started drizzling. As time goes by, nearing towards the start of the parade, it drizzled, stopped, drizzled, stopped and with strong windy conditions.

Nevertheless, the pre-parade segment commenced in the bad weather conditions. The erratic drizzle and poor weather didn't deter the people to move off, even though there were significant movement on the Esplanade Theatre and waterfront. The Red Lions Parachuters had a very tough task on hand, with strong winds constantly changing in directions, we had to salute them for their courageous efforts and skills for giving Singapore's 43rd Birthday a wonderful performance !

Even though the weather was slowly clearing, there were still the drizzle and stop situation. The Singapore Flag Fly Past came and everybody around the Esplanade was cheering it loud ! The bad weather wasn't going to dampen the mood there !

Soon, the moment a lot of us had been waiting for. The F16 Black Knights flying in to salute the nation on its 43rd Birthday ! A grand finale performance after many hard hours of training. It was very popular with everybody there at the grounds and they were cheering for it even though the afterburner was really loud with their low level flying and high altitude climb. The best birthday gift was the HEART and everyone of us cheered !

Happy 43rd Birthday Celebrations !