Sunday, March 23, 2008

2008 Spring/Summer Fashion Show - Flora Revival @ Central

The Singapore Fashion Festival 2008 is coming to town and it will be held from 28th March to 6th April 2008. Besides the glamorous fashion events, shows and displays, major shopping centres and fashion brands also take the opportunity to showcase their latest range of fashion design.

The Central organised an arts and fashion event and there was the Spring/Summer Fashion Show - Flora Revival, showcasing feminine floral prints on beautiful dresses and blouses, that could worn for both office or casual.

It was a very fun event, great to back shooting models walking down on the catwalk and it wasn't too crowded, managed to get a good location without being squeezed out. However, while I was happily taking photos of the models, my flash became cranky and gave me quite a number of problems. Therefore, some of my photos didn't come out that well and would need more attention in post-processing.

More photos can be viewed here !

Monday, March 17, 2008

Latest Toy - The Singapore Flyer


There had been a lot of buzz in Singapore recently, upcoming events, new buildings on the way up, new attractions. One of the latest addition to Singapore's attractions is our Singapore Flyer.

It was opened earlier for corporate entities before officially opening to the public not too long ago. The giant flyer stands out in Singapore's CBD and Marina Bay landscape, especially in the night, when it lights up the dark sky. Moreover, it would be a great photo spot/location/background for the upcoming Formula 1 coming to Singapore in September 26 - 28.

I was inspired to go walk down and take a look at our new giant toy and I was blown away just by standing beneath it. It's really huge and I look foward to be up at the top of the world, enjoying a moving experience, enjoying a bird's eye view of Singapore and taking lots of photos.

More photos can be view here.

Ready for a ride ? Hope you folks enjoy the ride and share your photos and experiences !

Sunday, March 16, 2008

MOSAIC Music Festival 2008

The MOSAIC Music Festival 2008 was held from 7th March to 16th March at the Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay, Singapore. There were many great musical performances of many different types such as indie, hip-hop, rock, jazz etc etc.

I decided to pop down and listen to the performances at the Esplanade Concourse and watched wonderful singing and performances from Huimin singing jazz ballads and d'Easton Ritmo performing latin and classical guitar musical. For those who were there at the Esplanade Concourse, we were given a warming and lively performances this evening and a nice place to relax and chill out listening to them.


d'Easton Ritmo

A great time for me, always love the musical performances at the Esplanade Concourse. Good to move away from work and just relax, listening and enjoying the musical performance, along with chance for photo taking.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Photoshoot Personal Projects

It's another boring update here, nevertheless, thanks for bearing with me !

Well, I was chatting to my fellow blogger iWalkU2 and an inspiration came into me, something that I would like to do, it's massive, culturally rewarding and fulfilling.
  • A personal photo album with my stories, my own unique photojournalism style. Locations could be in the highlands/mountains (possibly Shangri-La, Tibet, Bhutan, Angkor Wat). Further details need to be iron out, time frame could be 1 to 2 years. Finding more inspirations from sharing and talking to different people from all walks of life and countries.
  • Sports car portfolio TFCD shoot - In conjunction with Formula 1 coming to Singapore very soon and drifting getting more recognition, I have discussed with Jack, who had kindly agreed to allow his Honda Civic FD2 for more photo shoot (after some touch up) while I would think of how I can go about doing such a niche photo shoot and eventually create a niche market for my photography.
  • Learning and kick start on studio portraits photography, currently scouting for friends who are willing to help becoming my model for TFCD.
  • Learning and kick start on overseas photo shoot for pre-wedding + travel photo albums, currently also negotiating and discussing with newly married couples (my friends).
  • Create my personal portfolio album of events, weddings, portraits (a handful of projects over time).
Thanks for your support if you have read till this last line ! Hope it doesn't bore you !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ugallery - A Wonderful Site for Student Artists and Art Lovers

The importance and significance of arts have always been an integral part of the growth of a society. Although societies today depend heavily on financial, manufacturing or heavy industries to push their economies in terms of wealth and prosperity, the beauty of the arts helps to shape the character and culture of a society.

I was surfing around using the internet and was introduced by my artistic friend to an interesting Art Gallery , known as Ugallery, it is not your normal online Art Gallery, it is a social networking site, that allows you (student artists or/and art lovers) to come together, submit your artworks, share your comments and views on the artworks and placing their beautiful and outstanding artworks for sale to arts lovers who have the opportunities to purchase pieces of artworks for the addition to their overall collection.

At their website, you can view different categories of original art works and buy art from Ugallery. They have many different artworks on display and being a photographer, I am amazed by the quality of the photography artwork segment displayed by the artists, they are really wonderful pieces of world class photographs.

I am a photographer (enthusiast & freelance) and I can understand and empathised with the emerging student artists from universities, colleges and high schools or those artists that recently entered the arts scene. The wonderful student artists at Ugallery deserves the recognition and publicity for their wonderful artworks.

Do enjoy your visit to Ugallery !

Drifting is Coming to Singapore !

Folks, have you heard of themes such as Initial D Anime Series, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Need For Speed ? They have something in common and it is DRIFTING !

(Icon Banner from Formula Drift Singapore Official Website)

Drifting is officially coming to Singapore on 27th April 2008 by Formula Drift Singapore. More information can be obtained from their official website.

Being a sports car and drifting enthusiast & fan, I am looking foward to this event and taking photos of artistic and awesome drifting action ! Can't wait for the hot octane and burning tyres with powerful sports cars drifting around !!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is Photography a Lonely Business ?

Photography had been an integral part of my life since I was a young boy, influenced by my dad's Pentax film SLR, and my uncles and cousins too. Even though it was only in the past 3-4 years that I began to take photography more seriously and exploring into different fields and becoming a freelance/semi-professional photographer, I am still at heart, a great enthusiastic.

Is Photography a Lonely Business ? Or even as a hobby ? Sometimes, it is very true, however, you can find people of the same interests and make more new friends too !

I chanced upon this wonderful blog called Photopreneur, from the MyBlogLog Community and read an article on 22 Joint Venture Ideas for Photographers, I find their website to be of great interest, knowledge and sharing for all photographers. Do drop in and have a look, they have great articles and sharing !

Enjoy your photography, folks !

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dragon Scout Group Investiture Ceremony 2008

On 1st March 2008, Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group held its annual investiture ceremony for its new members to our new family, the Secondary Ones and the Cub Scouts from Radin Mas and Gan Eng Seng Primary.

A bit of history lesson for my readers, my relationship with Dragon Scout Group dates back to 1990, when I entered Gan Eng Seng School and joined the Scouts as my uniform group and it was an era of lots of fun, outdoor activities, personal development growth and character building. Today, I come back as a Dragon Chapter member a.k.a. Old Boy.

The past few years investiture and group photo taking was covered by me and it was an honour to be able to contribute back to Dragon Scout Group. One of my best time was helping in our 85th Anniversary Celebrations in the Year 2007.

Reaching there in the morning, we had the Flag Break ceremony and everything was going in order and timing until rain starts pouring down. We had to move up to the hall for the wet weather program and proceeded with the investiture ceremony there, along with the parents of the Secondary Ones and Primary Schools.

As it was still raining, the program was switched and the boys and girls watched videos and presentation of our 85th Anniversary Hawaiian Exchange and Mount Kinabalu trips events. Please do drop by my previous links below and read about some of our 85th Anniversary Celebrations !

With the rain still ongoing, we switched the location for the Group Photo taking, and I had to thank all the leaders and ventures, that helped to setup the new tables and benches for the Group Photo shoot. Especially thanks to Ganesh for the direction of the boys and girls to the tables and benches. It was lots of fun especially with Wei Bin and Moo Teng playing around with my remote control and taking photos of themselves.

After the photo taking, there were games and food for all, before the event ends for all with the Flag Lowering Ceremony. It was great to be back with Dragon Scout Group, something that still holds a special place in my heart till today.

Onward Dragon Scout Group !