Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Night Photoshoot @ Mt Faber and Kent Ridge Park

Today was a nightshoot with my friend Sam from QP Wedding Works (do check out his webpage too !) & Sam also brought another friend along. Coincidentally, all three of us are former Boy Scouts .... something in common after all.

Picked the 2 guys up from the Redhill MRT Station and we proceed to Mt Faber to start our night shoot, testing out our DSLRs to the ISO test and the resilence of our tripods. We began shooting pictures, and just relaxing and enjoying the sceneries as well. As for my photos, some were not too good. I would need to purchase a stronger tripod to hold my Canon 300D with battery grip. Nevertheless, we had fun taking photos.

After that, we proceed to Kent Ridge Park to shoot another night sceneries, it was really beautiful and the photos would tell people around the world (& in Singapore) that Singapore do have nice and beautiful night sceneries; for all to enjoy the nature, panoromic landscape, peacefulness and tranquility in a very busy city state.

Packing up, we went for a nice supper and call it a day. We would be planning to have night photoshoots down the road and we would be looking at shooting our city centre and bay landscape!

Till then, happy viewing !

Monday, June 19, 2006

Inspirations, Thoughts, Still Searching ....

During this period of time, I was searching for many things in my life, looking for aspirations, thoughts and what I really wanted to achieve in my career and how I want to approach my photojournalism.

It was a strong reflective time, something people can't read and understand it from my words. However, by reading my writing, it could provide some answers to the puzzles I set (Da Vinci Code is my inspiration, intriguing, searching for the .....?).

As for photojournalism, I am making and refining my blog towards a leisure and travel lifestyle online log through the eyes and scriptures of my photojournalism trail. It would and might take a period of time. There is a magazine that gave me this inspiration.

I am taking on photography assignments and would be participating in more photoshoots with different friends. I may not post much pictures on my assignments but I would be looking foward to posting new photos of my group outings with my friends, colleagues, fellow photographers.

Guiding Lights to our destination

As we walked through the path in life, facing many different obstacles and sometimes darkness, feeling lost and forgotten. If you are reading this and feeling this thought, DON"T GIVE UP ! Keep on fighting ! The lights would appear and leads you to the door that would open when you keep on moving ahead and fighting for what you believe in.

Friday, June 09, 2006

My first photoshoot assignment !

8th June 2006

On this day, I took my first step into the world of semi-professional photography. I was very honoured to be asked by my old friend, Edwin, to take protrait photos of the clinic's patients (consisting of their family members, relatives, friends) that would be displayed in their lounge area.

First and foremost, let me introduce this dental clinic

Smile Arts Dental Studio
Block 81 #01-632
Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440081
Tel: 6348 0824 Fax: 6348 0139

Before going over on 8th June, I went and consulted my "teachers"; Jeff from The Photographers Gallery, Big Cousin Choo Eng and Daniel from The Camera Workshop. They were very helpful to guide me on photography techniques for this particular kind of assignments. A big thanks to Jeff for calibrating my laptop.

On the assignment itself, it was really fun shooting beautiful people with their lovely faces along with a big smile and great set of teeth ! It was a challenge to take the photos while trying to make them relax and give me a big smile. After a while, it was easier as the models and myself were more relaxed.

At the end, it was really fun and enjoyable. I would really like to thank the "models" for gracing the occasion and be part of Smile Arts Dental Studio and my first photography assignment so memorable !

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Crossroads ?

I haven't been updating and writing my travel blog as I promised myself and my readers when I first started venturing into the world of photojournalism. I apologise to my readers (if any) for not writing regularly.

There were many new happenings, work & career related. Am I at crossroads again ? How should I move on and continue ? Something intriguing that only I myself would know the answers..... (If you folks watched Band Of Brothers, there is one episode called Crossroads ......)

Some updates on my photography adventures ....... my studio protraiture class has to be postponed, would be waiting for the class to commence again. Got lots of tips on improving my photography techniques from Jeff (The Photographers Gallery) and technical help on lighting and monitor calibration. I got 2 assignments, would update when I completed the assignments. Looking foward to it, It's TIME ! I need to move on to charging fees for my photography work (reasonable rates).

Looking for new accessories and another DSLR (moving into semi-professional level). Got a multi-function Canon MP530 Printer and Canon Selphy CP600, might print a few photos from home. If I need to do in bulk or professional printing, I would definitely go to KT Digital Imaging.

Their details are as follows:
K T Digital Imaging Pte Ltd
531 Upper Cross Street, #01-06, Singapore 050531
Tel/Fax: (65) 6425 0239 email:

Looking for inspirations, a niche area of photography that I would be able to stamp my name and trademark on ....... maybe a travel and leisure log ? Coffee table style photography ...... in time , my work would come to light ......