Thursday, January 03, 2008

My blog's goals for 2008

Today is the 3rd day of year 2008.

Looking back at how my blog had developed from its humble start (when I don't even know how to use/write HTML), it had changed and grew significantly. By looking at my sitemeter statistics, through the guidance of Jack the Internet Marketing Guru, I managed to expand my blog's network to international audiences and I had made many friends around the world.

Moving ahead in 2008, I planned to achieve the following goals for this unique and special blog of mine:

(1) Increase readership and following worldwide

(2) Improving the contents (writing and photography) - I want to transform my blog into an online travel guide/magazine

(3) Photography destination plans for 2008
- Tibet or Bhutan (Above the clouds)
- Bali (Landscape Sceneries)
- Cambodia (Angkor Wat)
- Hong Kong & Guangzhou (Visit friends)
- South Korea
- Shanghai

(4) Potential Special Photography Projects
- Sports Car Racing Industry
- Sports Photography
- Volunteer Photographer

A very big THANKS to all readers who have supported my blog especially those who share the same passion with me, in traveling and photography !