Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Backpacking in Tokyo, Japan 2004

I was still contemplating on a writing and layout style for my backpacking trip to Tokyo, Japan during March 2004. While I am still cracking my peanuts brains, I would start by writing a brief synposis on my backpacking adventure.

Period of travel: End March 2004 to 1st week April 2004
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Accommodation: Stayed @ Evon's (ex-colleague) place in Araki, Chiba. She was studying there at that time. Thanks for hosting me and showing me around, check out her blog too!

Country information
  • Japan National Travel Organisation Website

  • - Lonely Planet Guide Book (Tokyo)
    - Local guides and maps
    Getting around in Tokyo by trains:
  • Japan Rail

  • Areas visited:
    - Shinjuku
    - Shibuya, Harajuku
    - Roppongi
    - Odaiba/Tokyo Bay Area
    - Tokyo Station Area, Imperial Palace
    - Akihabara
    - Ginza
    - Ueno, Asakusa
    - Yokohama
    - Abiko, Araki
    - Narita

    Estimated travelling expenses :$2k overall approx

    Number of photographic memories recorded: 587

    Travelling experience: Priceless + Awesome + Cooling Spring Weather + Extreme challenge in human communications

    To Be Continued